"A Woman needs ropes and ropes of Pearls"

- Coco Chanel


Exclusive Collection customized for Touch of Venus Jewellery with classic interpretation of a timeless elegance.


Lend a subtle accent to make a statement of timeless elegance with this classic Necklace COCO from our Luxury Wedding Collection made of natural certified white pearls.


Such a beautiful piece of jewellery for the bride or bridesmaid who are looking for a classic design that matched with our Bracelet COCO is a perfect set to celebrate that special Day.


Make yourself feel special and finish off the wedding look to perfection by the touch of this originality and elegance.


This style will coordinate well with so many dress styles and will be certainly worn many times.


Classy finishing touch for any occasion, and an elegant choice for bridal jewellery.


Enjoy the power of appreciation of life!



Total Length of Necklace: 45 cm

Size of Pearl: 0.8 cm

Weight Apx: 39 gram

Essential Product Information:
Metal: Silver 925
Stones: Natural Pearl

Stone Grade: Natural Pearl Grade B (High or medium luster. Surface may have some visible imperfections, but over no more than 30% of its area)
Finish: Fine Polish

Authenticity: Certificate of Pearl Authenticity

Presentation Elegant Box: Included
Excellent quality guaranteed.


Take a look at our coordinating Natural White Pearl Strand Bracelet COCO to create beautiful original set to finish off your look.


Jewellery comes in an elegant box along with the attached certificate of Authenticity, confirming the originality of the stone. A certificate of authenticity is issued individually for precious and semi-precious gemstones, bearing a description, photo and security confirming the originality of the stones.


Luxury Wedding Collection customized for Touch of Venus Jewellery and has to be made to order.

As all our Jewellery is handmade, production of our pieces will take up to 14 working days plus 2-4 days for delivery.  We will email to let you know the expected delivery date.



The Pearl called as a 'Sea Gem'  is associated with water and woman. Symbolizes sincerity, honesty, innocence, wisdom and purity. The pearls help in deepening sense of self-esteem and self-acceptance and also give a sense of femininity and dignity. it allows you to feel beautiful and peaceful.


Natural Pearls are the rarest pearls and are highly sought after in Mid East and Far East.  

These are pearls that form naturally in nature, without the use of a bead.  They take many years to form in the oyster.  An irritant becomes lodged in the oyster, such as a grain of sand, and the oyster coats the irritant in a nacre to stop the irritation.  Natural pearls rarely come in perfectly round or tear-drop shape.


White & Golden South Sea Pearls range in size from as small as 3.0mm to as large as 9.5mm. Pearls below 7.0mm are considered small in size. 7.0mm until 8.0mm are generally the more popular sizes selected for necklaces, while anything above 8.0mm is considered to be more rare and valuable, especially in the higher qualities.


The A - D System (or Tahitian System):

This system grades pearls on a scale from A to D, with A being the highest grade.

This is the system used in French Polynesia (based on a government standard there) to grade Tahitian pearls. It is therefore sometimes referred to as the "Tahitian system."


A: The highest-quality pearl, with very high luster with only minor imperfections over less than 10% of its surface. These imperfections are then used as marks for drill holes.

B: High or medium luster. Surface may have some visible imperfections, but over no more than 30% of its area.

C: Medium luster with surface defects over not more than 60% of the surface area.

D: May have many slight defects, but no deep ones, spread over 60% of its surface; or deep defects over no more than 60% of its surface; or a combination of minor and deep defects over no more than 60% of its surface. In this grade of pearl, the luster is irrelevant. Even the most lustrous pearls will be graded D if their surface is blemished to this extent.

Pearls below D grade are considered not acceptable for use in jewelry.


COCO Natural Certified White Pearl Strand Necklace

SKU: NSN3453
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