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Style yourself with attitude, fashion, and confidence on your wedding day, special day and everyday.

Welcome to the magic world of Fashion & Style with Touch of Venus Jewellery offering a wide range of Exclusive Collections and pieces in different types, styles, and prices, capturing the harmony, love and elegance in every unique piece with Worldwide Shipping.

Touch of Venus Jewellery has an eye for exquisite jewellery and one-off pieces that simply captivate and inspire. Unique and detailed, ultimate designs that will bring doses of glamour to your wedding day and every other special day. We want to make you feel more than special by handcrafting one-of-a-kind, inspiring elegant jewellery, capturing timeless elegance, interesting patterns and beautiful sparkling finishing.


Featured recently in Irish American News, Irish Arts and Entertainment in few other Irish Magazines, and also featured in many times in Wedding Blogs like Bridal Village Boutiques, Weddings online and 123Bride.UK, our fashionable jewellery pieces are enjoying unflagging popularity worldwide.

Touch of Venus Jewellery is a world that combines passion, style and attention to detail, offering exquisite bridal jewellery, exclusive and precious gemstone collections perfect for every day wear and special occasion outfits. Discover a unique jewellery with timeless elegance and beautiful finishing to be treasured and worn for years to come, handcrafted and delivered in Touch of Venus Jewellery signature packaging.