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Finalist - Jewellery and Accessory Designer 2020

Finalist -Wedding Jewellery and Accessories 2020

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Bridal Collection

Exploring the most exquisite jewellery and one-off pieces that simply captivate and inspire. Unique and detailed, ultimate designs that will bring doses of glamour to your wedding day and every other special day.

Our Luxury Wedding Collections. perfect for micro, macro weddings and destination celebrations alike.  Shop all of your bridal needs in one convenient place. 

We want to make you feel more than special by handcrafting one-of-a-kind, inspiring elegant jewellery, capturing timeless elegance, interesting patterns and beautiful sparkling finishing. Create your memories with us you' ll cherish for a lifetime.

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Style yourself with attitude, fashion, and confidence on your wedding day, Celebrate your special moment, from Wedding Ceremony, Red-carpet Events to special occasion outfits.

​Business Partner of Crafters of Ireland and Collaboration Partner with 123Bride, also Members of Wedding Suppliers, Southern Brides, and The Wedding Wizard.

Featured in The Irish Examiner USA, Irish American News, Celtic Nations Magazine, Donegal Woman, Donegal News, Irish Arts and Entertainment, and featured in Wedding Suppliers, The Wedding Wizard or Southern Brides, also featured by weddings bloggers like: 123Bride,, Bridal Village Boutique, Weddingsonline.

Showcased at the wedding photo-shoot in The Abbey Wedding and Events Venue and also showcased in Bridal Boutiques like Memories Bridal Boutique in Dublin and Cork or White Designer Studio.

Our luxurious bridal collections handcrafted in different types and styles, are enjoying unflagging popularity worldwide, make a fabulous addition to elevate every wedding look to perfection, capturing harmony, love, fashion, and elegance in every unique piece. Whether you choose a classic bridal look or bohemian and vintage inspired, our Jewellery will add a romantic touch and that special sparkle to your bridal look and style.

Our vision is to help celebrate special Day by complimenting the look with the most luxurious, unique and fashionable jewellery. All jewellery pieces are  dedicated to everyone to make you feel more than special by handcrafting one-of-a-kind, inspiring elegant jewellery, unique collections capturing stunning elegance, interesting patterns and beautiful sparkling finishing. Made of the finest quality materials, it gives a perfect look, and also makes it lasting and maintains an effective gloss over the years.

You will find here a remarkable selections of our trending Bridal Back Necklaces, new addition of Bridal Blossom with hair accessories and matching jewellery pieces which are enjoining unflagging popularity worldwide. We also offer personalized Swarovski crystal cuff-links perfect for  the Groom / Best-man or Father of the Bride / Groom and personalized jewellery with engraving perfect for gifting for your Bridesmaids, Mothers of the Bride / Groom or Guests.

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