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My Zodiac

Zodiac Constellation

Hey Beautiful! What's your sign?

Let your cosmic nature glow with meaningful jewellery -

Your personal golden constellation.

Find your Zodiac.

All things mystical and divine come together in a cosmic collection. Carefully crafted, these amulets capture the essence of astrology’s mix of art and science in the constellations of unique signs. More than a tribute to zodiac constellations, this collection reflects the bonds between the universe and ourselves. It catches the interstellar energy at our birth time, creating a unique amulet full of meaning to carry with pride.

Subtle and elegant, evoking the infinity of our universe. 

Each zodiac amulet has its unique harmony, and language that manifests itself in our essence.

Zodiac is an ode to the staying power of Astrology and our connection to the stars revealing the depths of our own magical intuition. Be your own Venus, the Star of beauty.