​​Which Bride doesn't want to sparkle wearing a unique jewelry like charming eye-catching Backdrop piece...?

Displayed in White Designer Studio Bridal Shop to give you a chance to match your wedding gown and look. Featured at the wedding photo-shoot at The Abbey Wedding and Events Venue, and also featured in wedding blogs like: Weddingsonline, Bridal Village Boutique, 123Bride, our unique and dreamy bridal back inspirations are waiting for you. So discover our Luxurious Collections of Wedding Back Necklaces, Body-chains and Shoulder Ornaments those are the quintessence of timeless elegance and unique elements of every backless dress.

This jewellery is a trend that has appeared high in fashion and weddings to showcase your back exposed by wearing eye-catching jewelry, and our trending Backdrop Necklaces are enjoying unflagging popularity, transforming the most modest dress into a unique fabulous creation. Following the fashion trends, our Back-drop Necklaces, Body-chains or Web-style Body shining with pearls and crystals are the most luxurious accessories at the moment that will definitely make you stand out on your Big Day. By determining your style you will find it easy to decide which pieces from our exclusive decorations are designed for you. Timeless elegance, Bohemian flair, Vintage touch or Royal and Romance.

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