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Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Make your day glow with the most romantic and personalized lighting a unity candle to accentuate your special occasion with the most creative candles from WOGAN SECRETS CANDLES.

Today’s Blog post we dedicate to Wogan Secrets Candles multi award winning luxury occasion candles and we are inviting you to enjoy this read-journey with us about an amazing candles creator.


The story of the unity candles is one of symbolism and love, and they are usually used in civil ceremonies, church weddings, registry weddings, destination weddings, or to celebrate any special day.

The candles are a beautiful addition to the promise you make you make to each other on your wedding day and every other special occasion creating this an unforgettable moment.

The history of wedding unity candles is relatively new, dating back only forty of fifty years, unlike many traditional elements of the ceremony that have been around for centuries. A wedding unity candle is a large pillar candle often placed within a floral arrangement, displayed on the church altar or on a table during a non-denominational ceremony. It is not constrained to one religion or another, and most civil and religious wedding ceremonies will feature candles within the ceremony.

At the beginning of the ceremony the couple is invited to light the side candles - these represent you as individuals. Later, you will be invited to use the flame from the Taper candles to light the main unity candle symbolizing your unity in marriage. That’s when the Promise is made to love and cherish each other for eternity.


Wogan Secrets Candles based in County Meath is run by Stacey Wogan, an amazing person, wonderful woman, wife, mum of seven children and beautiful creator specializing in custom-made unity candles which are uniquely personalized with that special touch dedicated to everyone and to suit every occasion like Wedding Day, Christening, Communion, Birthdays or Memorial.


Stacey story began when she started designing the wedding candle set as a gesture and gift to her best friend who was getting married, when in that moment she realized that she actually loves creating candles. She got addicted really quickly and being a mum to seven children and having busy life she knew she wanted to do this and be a part of such a wonderful day in someone's lives.

Her passion and love for these special personalized candles grew day by day and she decided to establish the 'Wogan Secrets Candles' in May 2017 and since day one she is always happy and content to design based on couples wants and needs.


Stacey takes her candle inspirations and ideas from her clients and couples by listening to their stories. She says every story is special to her and she likes to get into their minds to make something they love that is connected and attached to their life's stories, creating a special and unique one kind of design, an unforgettable candles to accent that personal touch. She is a very kind soul by the nature and she loves to help as much as she can in any given circumstance.

Stacey is incredibly fascinated about weddings and the most of her candle creations come from the couples wedding invitations designed in different styles with floral or lace accents .

Wedding invitations inspire Stacey to create a stylish and elegant designs with that personal touch transforming them into a unique wedding candle set to match the theme of the ceremony and customers needs.

To create personal candles and to make them special for her clients Stacey also decorate them with an inscription, picture, or with decorative elements such as crystals This is modern trend in decorating today, and lots of couples are now opting for coloured or patterned candles or one that matches their theme or colour scheme, and her gorgeous candles designed with floral motifs and even photographs or inscription make the candle truly personal. She can also create beautiful family sets, which is beautiful idea if the couple already has children and want them to participate in the ceremony

You can have remembrance or memorial candles to match your unity set, or, they can also be done with photos of loved ones that have passed with a verse or saying that reminds you of them. You can have the candle lighting so they are still present and remembered, just as your other guests are and it they can be incorporated into your unity Ceremony.


Since Stacey started the full time candle business, she has won many awards and she has been featured in many magazines like 'Evoke' and and blogs like 'Weddings online' and she has run so many competitions to bring the joy, love and happiness.

Stacey absolutely loves what she does and to be awarded in such a way is just so special. It is a massive achievement and she really hopes to continue to do this for a very long time by giving her best 100% of the time for her most precious customers.

The candles are a lovely keepsake to have on your wedding day and a really nice idea is to light the candle on your wedding anniversary, to keep your love burning bright or your any special occasion, which will be kept for years and years becoming of your own home decorations and family history.

So, cherish your special moments and create with the most exclusively personalized unity candles designed just for you by the Wogan Secrets Candles. Check out her Facebook page where you will discover a huge variety of beautiful candle designs.

Do not forget to follow the Facebook page as Stacey also runs many competitions and you may be the lucky one to win one of these creative candle sets.

Get in touch with Stacey through her social channels Facebook and #Instagram. to create your dreamy personal candle set. In choosing Wogan Secrets your Candles will be crafted perfectly and professionally, the way you want them.

“Soft mists embrace two golden flames,

Alone they search the night.

Two souls adrift in dreams of love,

They seek to claim the light.

The path is long from which they came,

But sure they are it’s right.

Two flames embrace in dreams of love,

Two Souls – Two Hearts Unite.”

Harold Douglas

With love x

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