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Updated: Oct 16

Timeless bridal earrings to be treasured and worn for years to come.

Find a new perspective through a journey of adornment, with expressive earrings that reflect every side of you on your wedding day and everyday. It’s time to shine and discover the brightness of being your fullest self. Enjoy our timeless bridal earrings

Choosing the right bridal earrings play a big role in creating a cohesive wedding look. For some brides, statement floral and bold pieces are must-haves. For classic brides, though, there are very few better options like pearls when leaning into the traditional bridal look for achieving that dreamy day-of ensemble.

To help you, we want to share a few ideas of the most loved and best selling earring designs from our bridal collections which will pair your wedding dress, match your wedding theme, elevate your bridal hairstyle, fit your budget, and which you will definitely wear more than once, creating a perfect addition to your jewellery box and beautiful gift idea to surprise your loved ones.

A subtle accent is all you need to make a statement of timeless elegance, and our crystal GRACE collection of earrings made of vibrant Swarovski crystals like Golden Shadow, Crystal Clear or Blush Rose are enjoying unflagging popularity on every occasion beautifully pairing every outfit.

Your wedding day will be the first of many special occasions when you will wear your new pearl earrings, and as Jackie Kennedy famously said: “Pearls are always appropriate.”

“You can't ever go wrong with pearls. Perhaps pearls are a girl's best friend after all.”

Ki Hackney

Our charming earring designs like ELEANOR encrusted with pearls, are also available in fabulous shades of White, Cream-rose Light, Bordeaux, Red Effect or Night Sky. Dozens of pearls dancing gracefully with each movement arranged in the shape of grape bunches, flowing along the neck, creating a beautiful unique style. Eye-catching elegance, and timeless finishing make a luxurious addition for every dress and look.

Single pearls are the classic style of earrings, but a single pearl, fashioned with crystals are also very popular.

Say 'Yes' wearing ELIZEE collection to celebrate you Wedding Day, and after when the big day is over.

Timeless, elegant and subtle stud earrings fashioned with Swarovski pearls drop and crystals available in beautiful range of shades, silver, and 24 karat gold finish, is a unique accessory to complement every look and creation.

Silver styles of pearl with crystal will also make you stand out, and glam your look.

If you’re a modern Blossom bride looking for an efflorescent, show-stopping style, look no further than our floral-inspired earrings, this season’s must-have.

Floral-inspired earrings. Modern and graceful. Carefully handcrafted of foamiran foam, silk. chiffon or satin. Fashioned with crystals and pearls. Hand-cut to achieve the appearance of natural flowers to create that unique and beautiful floral motif will elevate your look with a dose of glam and modern blossom on every occasion.

A collection of handcrafted delicate and bold accents in these popular flower designs move with you so that you will blossom like a garden on your big day, and any day with a dose of glamour, a new interpretation of luxury, romance, with spring & summer flow vibes.

If you’re a bride looking for that original look, then our ECIOSA Statement 2 in 1 Flow Earrings will definitely make you stand out on every occasion. Impressive, subtle and uniquely designed with a detachable bottom floral cascade these earrings can be worn in many ways - stud or flow? Style your own look.

Oversized floral and extra dramatic like ERIS or SOE flower-styled, these earrings are made for the bride to compliment the classic look with the bold feel. A flower accent decorated on the hoops' circumference, adding a splash of elegance will also complete a modern spring look fashioned with many different outfits.

Mixing colours can also be stylish and fun like 'Ombre' effect with our styled ROSALIA earrings.

If you would like to introduce different colour, other shades such as ruby, emerald, peach rose or burgundy can be chosen too. If you want to wear something exceptional as your "something blue, then Sapphire or satin flow blue shade can be a perfect choice.

Coming in at under €40 and looking for something charming, then these earrings are beloved by everyone on budgets. The style comes in silver or gold, and you can complete your look depending on your vision, occasion and everyday style. Create your own.

If you prefer Clip-on Earrings or Ear-cuffs, most of the luxurious earrings can be converted into clip-on earrings.

If you are looking for some fantasy, then our earrings from Limited Edition of The Mother of Dragons collection with mystic and ultimate jewellery inspired by Game of Thrones, made of vibrant Swarovski crystals, will add a bit of mystery and originality to every look.

Our bridal earrings create a dynamic bouquet of sparkles to evoke any look.

Glamorously stylish and timeless. Subtle and classic. Fashioned with pearls, crystals and flowers. Pierced, clip-on or ear-cuff designs. Luxurious and on the budget.

These earring styles will definitely coordinate well with so many bridal styles and will be certainly worn many times on different occasions, and are dedicated to every woman looking for a touch of originality, sparkles, sophistication and elegance.

Furthermore these earring styles make a perfect gift ideas for your loved ones, and your bridal squad to match the colour of their dresses, your wedding theme and concepts.

So wear the bridal earrings for striking style to glow a look on your wedding day, and for later any occasions.

Be bold. Be unique. Be different. Create your own stye, and love yourself on your wedding day, and every day.

Discover more luxury bridal earrings HERE.

If you are looking for a special earrings, simply email us and we will be happy to help you and design a unique style just for you,

Share your thoughts with us and feel free to leave a comment below this post.

With love

Touch of Venus Jewellery xx

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