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Unforgettable journey with Touch of Venus Jewellery

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

We invite you on a journey to discover the World of Touch of Venus Jewellery inspired by the Goddess of Love Star of Beauty.

Why Touch of Venus Jewellery?

The story of Touch of Venus Jewellery begins when in numerology the Goddess of Love and Star of Beauty was assigned a number 'six' symbolizing love and beauty. Being born on the 6th day and assigned to 'six' in numerology, I decided to create an exclusive jewellery Boutique inspired by love and beauty with sophisticated and uniquely styled jewellery.

Designed in different ways and forms and dedicated to everyone I wish to bring you to discover and explore the World of pieces customized with love and beauty for Touch of Venus Jewellery.

I trust we will enjoy that journey together, and may our journey bring a lot of sparks for future and lovely, unforgettable moments with memories those will still feel timeless in years to come. Xx

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