Crystallized with Love

Swarovski® - worldwide brand of crystals that took their name from the Czech glass grinder Daniel Swarovski. 


In recent years, the name Swarovski is a synonym of not only crystals with perfect splendor, but also creativity and innovation, demonstrated when designing your own line accessories, jewellery decorations and interior design elements.​

Touch of Venus Jewellery guarantees the originality of those products made from Swarovski crystals and we attach Swarovski Tag or the Certificate of Authenticity and the Swarovski Seal to each of our products made of Swarovski crystals and pearls..


Collections made of Swarovski crystals come from the exclusive Swarovski collection.  Our products are licensed and each product is accompanied by the Swarovski  tag/sticker "Made with Swarovski Elements" or Swarovski Seal - certificate of authenticity with a hologram, demonstrating that Swarovski guarantees originality crystals and their exceptional quality that Touch of Venus Jewellery receives from the company's headquarters in Wattens, Austria. 


In addition, a new brand Crystals from Swarovski is visible, a hologram showing the Tyrolean mountains in Austria, the signature of the founder Daniel Swarovski and a year company foundations 1895.

Every product has a Swarovski sticker "Made with Swarovski Elements" or certificate of authenticity with hologram, demonstrating that Swarovski guarantees originality of the originality of the crystals verified by Swarovski.


The original crystals are unique beauty, exceptional cut quality and high brilliance.


You deserve the best!  Choose originality and shine like a Star! xx


Most our Jewellery designs like back necklaces and matching accessories to them are available in the following crystal and pearl shades with ombre effects, and that information is provided on each product page including this option

crystal shades:

Crystal Shades.jpg

1. Crystal Aurora Borealis

2. Crystal Clear

3. Golden Shadow

4. Silver Shade

5. Jet

6. Aquamarine

7. Light Amethyst

8. Light Rose

9. Fuchsia

10. Siam

pearl shades:

Swarovski Pearl Shades.jpg

ombre effects:


Crystal Clear Crystals & White Pearls


Golden Shadow Crystals & Creamrose Light Pearls

ROSALINE (Light Rose)

Light Rose Crystals & Rosaline Pearls


Vintage Rose Crystals & Rose Peach Pearls


Light Peach Crystals & Peach Pearls


Aquamarine Crystals & Light Blue Pearls


Metallic Sunshine Crystals  & Bright Gold Pearls


Light Colorado Topaz Crystals & Bronze Pearls

LAVENDER (Light Violet) Provence Lavender Crystals  & Lavender (Light Violet) Pearls


Crystal Satin Crystals & Light Grey Pearls


Silver Night & Black Pearls

swarovski crystal heart 1 cm available to order in the following crystal colours:

Heart 0.1cm Crystal Colours.jpg